Eating Out: Sushi

Well tell me – who would have a problem with that fantabulous feast??

Clockwise from upper left:

  • salad with miso dressing (ask if there is dairy or mayo in it)
  • pickled ginger
  • soy/wasabi
  • edamame (steamed soybeans)
  • vegetable tempura roll
  • inari
  • avocado nigiri
  • cucumber nigiri
  • avocado roll
  • umeboshi roll (pickled plum)

If you order miso soup – which I almost always do! – ask if they use fish sauce or stock. Tokyo Express does, but they make up for it with a HUGE vegetarian sushi menu!

You should be able to get all of these items in any sushi restaurant. Ask them to make you a veggie tempura roll – they will usually happily oblige! 😀


It’s Easy Being Vegan


You don’t have to have a bunch of exotic ingredients in your pantry. You don’t have to shop at hippy stores. You can eat out in just about any restaurant. It just takes some practice.

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