30 Days – day 21

Since it rained yesterday today was my busy busy day – taught a lesson and rode 3 horses.

Confession – I have NOT given up coffee. But I have cut down to 2-3 cups a day (from 8-12). Except today – I drank ALL THE COFFEES.  Bzzzzz!!!!

Breakfast was a banana, mangoes and chia seeds that overnighted in the fridge.


Tasted amazing – looks like poop. I hand stirred in the chia today so tomorrow it will look way better 😉

When I got home at 5p I made some food ahead.

A giant vat of salad: grated cauliflower, Napa cabbage, scallions, cilantro, and red bell pepper.


I also made some creamy spinach pesto (soaked cashews, crushed garlic, spinach, salt and pepper.)


I put some pesto on the salad and had some tacos with the “meat” I made last night.


So I’m a little better prepared going into next week!


30 Days – day 20

Day twenty?? How?!

Breakfast was another attempt at hiding my meh cheesecake experiment by drowning it in frozen fruit. Strawberries and mangoes today!


Lunch was zucchini pasta bolognese with mushrooms.


And here is a recipe – because it’s tasty…

* 1 package of Trader Joe’s sun dried tomatoes
* 1.5 cups walnuts
* 2 large Roma tomatoes
* crushed garlic, salt and pepper

Whir it up in a blender and voilà!

Dinner was similarly delicious and over the top rich and decadent – avocado soup.


Half a peeled cucumber, 2 small avocados, cilantro, scallions, salt and cumin – blend with water. Top with chopped red bell pepper and hot sauce. NOMS!

I also ate an obscene number of grapes today. We happened to get a bag of super crunchy ones 😀

30 Days – day 19

Unprepared today!!

Hit the cafe at work for breakfast and lunch and added a bunch of frozen berries to the bleh cheesecake experiment for dinner.




This is very hard when my life is so busy. I am gone from 7a-9p every day… only 10 more days I suppose. I’m feeling fine – actually riding great so I’ll push through. I’ll spend some time over the weekend planning the last push. 🙂

30 Days – day 17

Oats again – yum! I could get used to these!


I was suuuuuper busy at work so it was “pasta bolognaise” – shredded zucchini, “meat” and nutritional yeast.


And while I was at work The Husband bought me a new toy 😀


It’s damn cool! After I got home fr the barn I played with the Ninja and snacked on the dregs of the “meat” on lettuce leaves.


Excuse the bad pic but I used the food processor part to crumb walnuts and figs (two stores were out of dates!) and the blender to blend soaked cashews, berries and raw honey. I forgot to add a little apple cider vinegar – I was going for cheesecake. Well, we’ll have creamy berry crumble parfaits tomorrow.

And I used the handy single-serve blender to blend a peach and some protein powder.

30 Days – day 16

I got my second wind!! I’m not sure what it was but I’m no longer the Eeyore of the raw vegan world 😀

New food today!

I blended a banana with some water to make “milk” and added 1/4 cup of steel cut oats (not totally raw but I haven’t been able to find groats), some cinnamon and soaked them overnight. I topped it with some mixed berries and VOILÀ! REAL BREAKFAST!


Lunch was zucchini noodles, some “meat” from last night and red star nutritional yeast. Deeeeee-lish!


I don’t even care that it looks like pink slime – it’s tasty!

Dinner wasn’t that exciting – it’s not a barn night so I didn’t do anything active and I’m not hungry. Cucumber, red bell pepper, mushrooms, the last of the cashew Alfredo, sunflower seeds and spicy pepper.


I feel better today like I can do this!

30 Days – day 15

Still feeling unenthused about food I failed to shop and/or bring anything to work. Thankfully the cafe – my previous venue for so much debaucherous food gluttony – has a fruit bar in the morning.


Mango, strawberries, pineapple and walnuts got me to lunch.


I put everything raw on the salad bar over some arugula (avocado, cucumber, carrot, scallions, broccoli, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and radishes) and topped with a couple splashes of balsamic and some sunflower seeds.

After work I went to the store and got some different ingredients – in addition to produce (bleh).

I vaguely remember “meat” sauce that contained sun dried tomatoes and walnuts, so I threw them in the blender with a soggy tomato, a red bell pepper, crushed garlic, salt and pepper. (You know – because recipes require I have any effs to give.) I tried to make some nacho cheese sauce by adding some nutritional yeast, cumin and smoked paprika to some Alfredo sauce. Yeah – not exactly amazing.

I slapped the two goops into some lettuce leaves with some avocado and scallions…. yay “tacos.”


It was OK but nowhere near as good as Source. At least it was different than the monotony of my recent food.

Being home only an hour or two a day is not conducive to creativity and recipe trying. I am glad I wasn’t so bored with dinner that I missed another meal out of boredom.

I do worry, though, the ugly self speak in my head as I considered putting olives on my salad (are those really raw or are you just a sucky cheater??). I also worry about the rate I’ve lost weight. I have purposely not mentioned it because that really isn’t the reason I’m doing this – though I knew I’d lose some. I don’t feel any more tired than usual – but I’m also not looking forward to whatever I allow myself to eat in 2 weeks. I think about things I love – like tempeh and Vegenaise and bread – and feel a sense of dread. The wine section at Trader Joe’s wasn’t even tempting.

I don’t really know what to make of these thoughts. I think I don’t like them but I think I can’t think of anything else.

Hmmmm… Why is two weeks of effin’ produce causing me to think so many thoughts? It’s just food. It’s only been two weeks. What the hell.

30 Days – day 14

Had a horse show today. Packed my food ahead – and only ate a banana, a few bites of my leftover salad and my protein drink.


I’m home now and too tired to think of food. I tried to eat the peach but it was rotten. I ate the plum and the other banana.

Yeah… so not enough food. Meh.

30 Days – day 13

Different food!!

Breakfast was 2 bananas, mango and two scoops of raw protein powder.


That’s a great to-go meal but it really wasn’t enough for a day of teaching and riding. I ate some grapes while I soaked in the bath.

We went to Source for dinner. NOMS.


The Live Platter!


Aaaaaaaaaaaa soooooo goooood!!! I would order this even if I weren’t on a raw kick. The tacos were really amazing!

Also – raw cheesecake!


Now I am stuffed and sleepy 🙂

30 Days – day 12

My breakfast fruit was rotten and I didn’t pack a lunch. Food is taking a much less important role in my day, clearly.

I braved my work’s amazing cafeteria for a run through the salad bar.


I’m not sure if it’s raw but I just put a couple shakes of balsamic over arugula, scallions, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, cucumber and avocado.

Meh. It worked.

I was underfueld – DUH!! – for my ride and was hungry when I got home, but still not inspired.


Utilitarian. Sauerkraut, avocado, cucumber and a bit of Alfredo.

Again – meh.

Tomorrow we’re going out to dinner where they serve raw dishes. We’ll see if that perks me up.