Grocery Store Staples

Of course you should read labels before you buy and recheck them periodically for products you buy regularly (they sneak new stuff in on occasion!)


  • lettuce
  • tomatoes
  • onions
  • potatoes
  • scallions
  • garlic
  • spinach
  • carrots
  • celery
  • bananas
  • apples
  • oranges
  • berries – especially blueberries, but we usually have bags of frozen mixed berries on hand
  • kale, chard or other green leafy
  • avocado
  • cilantro


  • pita bread
  • sandwich thins
  • whole wheat english muffins
  • corn tortillas
  • multi-grain tortillas


  • brown rice
  • couscous
  • quinoa (may have to purchase at health food store)
  • whole grain pasta


  • mustard (dijon, spicy, brown, plain yellow… we love mustard!)
  • BBQ sauce
  • low-sodium soy sauce
  • olive oil
  • olive oil cooking spray
  • sesame oil
  • Earth Balance
  • balsamic vinegar
  • rice wine vinegar
  • salsa!!


  • extra firm tofu (low fat if possible)
  • baked tofu
  • Boca Burgers (vegan)
  • vegetarian chili
  • BEANS! black, kidney, garbanzo!
  • lentils – green or red, they are both lovely
  • peanut butter and any other nut butter that suits your fancy


  • unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze
  • plain Almnd Breeze


  • vegan cheese can’t be found in regular grocery stores even here in California… beware of casein!

10 responses

  1. You are a force of nature. Nuptual planning-child rearing-workforce taming-legume smashing-mother loving-city street stomping-fabulouse-ness all rolled up into one.

    • I’m not really craving cheese so I’m just going with that! I got some Teese, which was highly recommended, but I didn’t care for it much. I found some powdered cheese I want to try because I’ll be wanting nachos some time!

  2. Really, no vegan cheese in any regular grocery stores in California?? That’s disappointing! My grocery store (in Ontario, Canada) usually has some, although it does carry a brand with the blasted casein.

    • All the major grocery store chains carry veg cheese with casein in them – even here in San Francisco! How sad is that??

      I am sure it’s aimed more at the lactose-intolerant vs. the cruelty-intolerant


  3. Thanks for the great list! A stable in my family is coconut! Use coconut oil for everything! Instead of oliver oil. And for desserts and curries either i use coconut cream or coconut milk which can be found in most grocery stores ๐Ÿ™‚

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