30 Days – day 6

Saturdays are a lot of time out of the house – teaching, riding, errands and hot tub time 😀

So I packed a to-go bag and ate while I went!


Yes, I was beyond starving when I got home. BUT I didn’t even have a glass of vino in the hot tub!

We decided to go to dinner and technically I “cheated”….


My sesame seeds were toasted.


And I’m pretty sure the eggplant in my rice-free handrolls was heated in some way (it’s pickled, I think) and the nori was really dry from lack of rice so a fair amount of soy sauce was involved.

Yeah, I don’t really feel bad 😛

There will probably be a handful of nuts later.


I’m baaaaack!

New posts are coming soon – I promise! 

 Now that the wedding is behind me I am getting back in the kitchen – and it’s all outfitted with brand new pots, pans, knives, a food processor, a juicer and a bunch of other things that make me want to cook! Some things may not be so “easy” just because I have new toys!

Welcome to all the new people!

Getting all your nutrients before dinner

Vegan, easy and delicious! No cooking required!



5 slices of peppery protein goodness!

These are SO GOOD toasted!

A sandwich just isn't complete without Dijon!

Add some crunch to your sandwich

2 of these for "dessert" will bring some sunshine to your lunch!

  • 736 Calories
  • 10g Fat
  • 730mg Sodium (that’s less than 30% of your daily allowance!)
  • 27g Fiber

Now go cook yourself a plate full of green veggies with some brown rice and soy sauce and you’ll come in under 1200 calories for the day!

Your pants will thank you 😀