30 Days – day 9


Today was a raw vegan edition of binge eating. 3 bananas, 4 nectarines, 4 pluots, 4 giant radishes, a raw drink… all before lunch.

Lunch….. *sigh*

We’ll just call it coleslaw.


Half a head of red cabbage, half a huge cucumber and two large romas tossed in raw walnut Cesar.


When I got home I was desperately craving somethingggggg packaged. Crackers! Chips! Something!

A trip to Whole Foods yielded squat, pretty much. Apparently “raw” and “packaged” are not often paired.  Bitches.


That’s about it. Good – but underwhelming and UNGODLY EXPESIVE. Two items – $13.


A couple of heirloom tomatoes and I had to mortgage the house.

I’m flagging. It’s probably the stress speaking but today had been really hard.


2 responses

  1. I am enjoying every minute of your journey–especially the honesty! I am health oriented, with a mantra of “temperance in all things.” That means, anything is all right, in temperance, and after that follow your “gut.” Where did that phrase come from? Maybe dieting. But, having property in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, in the “valley of longevity”–and having met with and considered Vegan and Vegetarian options for all manner of reasons over the years–I am left with this: I love certain vegan and vegetarian dishes beyond reason and love to eat them. And some other stuff, too. And, I feel pretty good these days, and that’s thanks to many things, known and unknown, articulate and mysterious, and somewhat, but largely not, about diet. I love you Emily for your convictions, your clarity and your sharing. And other stuff.

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