30 Days – day 7

The one week mark looked very green!

A banana and a Garden of Eden raw shake was breakfast before the barn. We stopped for MOAR FUDZ on the way home.


Some cold and spicy sounded good so while the blender was going I may or may not have filled some mushrooms with spinach pesto 😀


In the blender was peeled cucumber, tomatillos, scallions and half a jalapeño. I added some avocado to finish – YUM! The kid is super sick and this went down well.


Everyone spent the afternoon doing a whole lot of relaxing and snacking on fruit.

Dinner was zucchini pesto pasta (shocker!) with tomatoes and walnuts.


I am a week into this and I’m not craving anything cooked yet. I’m happy eating cold and flavorful food. I am not feeling like a bottomless void of hunger any more BUT I am also eating 5+ pounds of food every day 😉 When I get hungry I just feel hunger, not longing. It’s only been a week but under normal circumstances I would have caved long ago (my average “diet” lasts about a day and a half.)

It feels good to eat real food.


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