30 Days – day 4

Breakfast was a raw protein drink…


Snacks … FRUIT!





Lunch was a while head of Romaine, half a huge cucumber, two large Roma tomatoes, diced onions, walnuts, a whole avocado and raw Cesar dressing.


And you know what? I AM OUT OF FOOD!

A quick run to the produce market yielded this…


To use up the odds and ends in the fridge I juiced half a red cabbage and some wilty carrots and celery.


Right away I made another huge bowl of the grated cauliflower salad for family snacking.

I used up the rest of the spinach to make pesto with some garlic, almonds and olive oil.


I put that on a whole julienned zucchini with a whole chopped tomato.



but in reality it looked like this when I ate it 😉


Part of my goal of this month is to come up with some new staples in my food repertoire – and this is a KEEPER!!!!

So I think I’m feeling better – like I can feel the good effects of this eating.

Food purchasing is taking more time – especially if I’ll need to shop every three days – but the time I spend getting ready to eat is a lot less! I’m not waiting for cashiers and I’m not waiting for things to cook. It’s honestly a lot easier than expected.


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