30 days – Day 2

This morning I had fasted blood labs and was feeling a mess by the time I got to eat a banana at 9:30a. I am also trying to kick coffee and had none of that either – that didn’t help 😉

When I got back to the office I had a giant juicy nectarine and a cup of blueberries. Once I had my allotted two cups of coffee down the hatch I felt … better, but not great.


Also, I finally “moved in” to by cube!


For lunch I had more of the cauli/cabbage salad with peanut dressing and added half an avocado. Then I felt normal and great! I have learned over the last few years that I NEEEEEEEEEEEEED fat and vegetables in order to feel good. Since embracing plant fat (avocado, nuts, coconut oil, etc) my hair is way better and I can feel full. Crappy processed fats (like french fry oil) don’t count.


In doing some reading there seems to be a rather large movement called 80-10-10 where 80% of calories comes from carbs from fruit (mostly), and 10% each fat and protein. Um… I just couldn’t do that. I really want to be successful this month so I’m sticking with my roughly 30% fat diet.

In the afternoon I had another banana, half an apple (yeah, I don’t much care for apples) and a huge peach.


If I’m doing raw I’m supposed to juice, right? Well, I like FOOD so I made a “soup” instead. I juiced carrots, celery, purple cabbage and spinach – then I threw it in the blender with a cucumber and some walnuts (to give it body) and added some smoked paprika and pink Himalayan salt. I also tore up a whole head of Romaine and tossed it in a nut-based Cesar dressing (cashews, walnuts, ACV, chives and garlic) and topped with diced onions and 2 tomatoes.


If I’m hungry later I’ll have the rest of the soup.

I have been trying REALLY HARD to drink lots of water and I aim to get rid of coffee this weekend.

p.s. I already have to admit something… My gluttony right before starting this led to a massive amount of water weight. Seeing that go over the last two days has been rewarding. It’s not fat but, hey, I’ll take it 😉


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