30 Days

I’ve been going way overboard with french fries, bagels and vino. I already eat a whole lot of vegetables but I don’t eat much fruit.

So for the next 30 days I am going to try all raw whole foods. This morning we stocked up on enough produce for a few days and I did a little “cooking.”


I made a giant bowl of grated cauliflower and carrots, scallions, Napa cabbage, red bell pepper, cilantro and jalapeños – and whipped up a peanut dressing (peanut butter, Bragg’s liquid aminos, Apple cider vinegar, and garlic.) That should last me a few meals.


For a while I am going to give myself permission to just eat a piece of fruit, a hand full of nuts, or some veggies – just as they are – without feeling compelled to make a meal. Hopefully that will also keep me for reaching for a fried Tofurky sausage, slathered in Vegenaise, on toast. 😛

Here’s to breaking bad habits! *cheers*

p.s. I also took “before” pics. I may share them at the end.


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