There’ll be no more asking “where’s the beef?”

You know me. I love sandwiches.

My lovely husband brought home this enchanting product…

First off, it does not taste like roast beef – and that’s ok!  I did find the taste to be palatable and a perfect base for a sandwich – as well as nice and high in protein content.

The trick to adding deliciousness to lunch “meat” is to pan fry it with a little cooking spray until it’s warm and browned.

From there you can PILE on the delicious toppings!  Here I layered Vegenaise, avocado, tomato and cheeze sauce.

I might have died for a second when I ate it.


4 responses

  1. Grrr, I had my repy all written and scrolled up to see the pan-fry pic and lost it. I’ll re-write later or tomo 🙂 I will take a moment to again say, “Thank-You, Emily. for keeping up this beautiful blog, sharing the benefits of our knowledge and practice!”

  2. Repairs : my “reply” & “your” knowledge
    I hate it when I’m faced with my imperfection :)))
    0600 – Back to morning mdtn 🙂 I dunno if it’s OK for me to post this, Emily,, just delete this post & my previous if not, (ocd re typos:) but —> For Eastern Thought Vegans, my blog is Stop by & see if it speaks to You . . .

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