A couple of typical dinners

My posts have been slacking here because we’ve been eating a lot of burritos and other not very exciting food. I realized last night that this blog is about eating vegan and being lazy about cooking, so I should be inspiring you with even our most pedestrian meals, right?

Don’t kill yourself trying to make a meal a symphony of things that “go together”. Roast some random veggies and add a protein or two and you’re done!  Think about what you’re craving and eat it – you’ll find it goes together just fine once it’s on your plate. Most of our meals are just what I think looks good when I open the fridge.

To roast multiple veggies at once, heat an oven to 350 degrees and start adding veggies (longest cooking first) that have been tossed in a little olive oil, salt and pepper. 

  • cook quinoa
  • put potatoes in the oven
  • 10 minutes later, add brussel sprouts
  • 10 minutes later add asparagus
  • pan fry some tempeh in a skillet with a couple drops of oil until just starting to brown. add 2 tbsp soy sauce and stir until well covered and remove from heat immediately. (it will steam up and carmelize on the tempeh
  • take all the veg from the oven, plate and serve!

This dinner had about 500 calories, 49g carbs, 15g fat, 27% of iron and 15g fiber. Not an everyday kind of meal, but a good sunday dinner.

Since I like things with multiple textures and temperatures we eat a lot of salads over crisped corn tortillas

  • crisp corn tortillas in a 400 oven (approx 5 minutes – keep an eye on them!)
  • shred a package of tempeh (this was spicy veggie) with a cheese grater and heat in the microwave for 2 minutes
  • top tortillas with mixed greens, guacamole, tempeh and salsa. serve with a steamed artichoke and some reduced-fat Vegenaise.

This dinner has about 350 calories, 53g carbs, 15g fat, 16g protein, 30% of iron and 15g fiber.


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