Pardon my slacking

Things have been very busy at home lately and I haven’t cooked anything new and/or compelling – but I will!! Next week the whole family is going to start watching what they eat so I am going to try to get creative with lunch as well as dinner! Maybe I’ll even get super awesome and cook breakfast! (but I wouldn’t hold your breath for that one)

To tide you over, this site has tons of great info on vegan options in fast food! Admit it, you love the drive-thru, too!

Vegan Eating Out

For example, did you know that McDonaldland Cookies are vegan? Or that a Taco Bell 7 Layer burrito (without cheese and sour cream) is the yummiest thing ever to eat in your car? Or that Arby’s, Dunkin Donuts and Panda Express don’t give a rat’s ass about your vegan business?


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