Gradual steps toward vegan

This is excellent advice!

If you shift your eating patterns gradually, just by giving up eating one animal at a time (start by giving up chickens) or subbing out a favorite meal by veganizing the protein (opting for a black bean burrito instead of a beef burrito for instance), you have more breathing room to discover new food choices and menus.

Steps to becoming a Veganist, by Kathy Freston.

Going vegan DOES NOT mean upending your whole way of eating in one day. Every meal you choose to be plant-based is one step toward a healthier you, a healthier planet, and more compassionate treatment of God’s creatures.

* Handy salad dressing above: mix 2 tablespoons guacamole with 1/4 cup salsa and 1 tbsp water. Creamy, rich, piquant, protein-y and delicious!


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