The value of stocking up

I hear a lot of people say that it’s really hard to be vegan where they live – that fruit and veg isn’t so bountiful outside of California. Well, if you have a Costco near you (and who doesn’t??) or even a Wal-Mart, you’re set!

On Saturday morning we went to Costco and to a hippy grocer and got enough food for 3 people for close to 2 weeks. We invested an hour putting things away and prepping some things so that it would be super easy to grab-n-go a lot of meals and snacks.

This was our Costco haul.

Which led to a beautifully stocked refrigerator. Doesn’t that make you itchy to cook?

The hippy grocer is great for buying in bulk – things like grains, nutritional yeast, pasta, cereal, flour, etc. (We are still working on glass jars for everything – there’ll be no bags soon!)

Then we spent some time washing fruit and chopping vegetables and making some snacks.

Because when you want a quick snack and you have premade little goodies like these, it’s easy to eat your veggies!


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