Fast food lunch: Mediterranean style

Take advantage of some serious vegan fast food and have a delicious and easy lunch with a good amount of fiber and protein. Tabouli, falafel and hummus – all from boxes – just add water!

My local health food store sells all these products (and more!) in bulk so they are insanely inexpensive, too!!

Total prep time: less than 10 minutes. Cost: about $2.50 for 2 HUGE lunches.

Tabouli – add water, mix well and chill*

Falafel – add boiling water, mix, let stand a few minutes, form in small patties, brown in a non-stick pan. (It’s difficult to keep the patties together neatly with a mix, so make them small and accept that they won’t be pretty!)

Hummus – add water, mix well and chill*

Add a handful of cherry tomatoes and you’ll be stuffed all day long!

*by omitting the recommended olive oil you can make these very low fat but they will be a bit drier, so depending on whether you’re watching your calories and fat, or not, you can omit the oil!


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