It’s Easy Being Vegan


You don’t have to have a bunch of exotic ingredients in your pantry. You don’t have to shop at hippy stores. You can eat out in just about any restaurant. It just takes some practice.

I found that it was easiest to begin by cooking what you would normally cook, and substitute ingredients. This is where a trip to a health food store is handy – they have so many pre-packaged convenience foods that make perfect “like for like” substitutions.

  • Use seitan exactly how you would use chicken in stir fry or fajitas.
  • Use TVP reconstituted with hot water and taco seasoning in place of taco meat.
  • Use a vegan burger instead of a hamburger.

No, it won’t taste the same and you won’t fool anyone sneaking in fake meat when they expect the real thing. What it will be is familiar. Keep an open mind and let yourself appreciate these new foods and I think you’ll like them!

Using prepackaged foods gets expensive quickly (except TVP – that stuff is amazing and CHEAP!) so start trying some different kinds of recipes that aren’t “meat” centered. Eventually you’ll be eating vegan like it’s second nature! The more you move away from processed foods the less label reading you will be doing, and the better you’ll be doing for the planet. Don’t fool yourself thinking that because it’s “vegan” it’s healthy or good for the environment. Processing affects nutrients and leaves a bigger footprint.

Anything you see here is pretty much thrown together hastily with what I have on hand, therefore you should feel free to play around! The intent of this blog is not to give you recipes, but to give you ideas!

Be fearless and have fun! It’s not hard!

** Be sure to check out the links below for other cooking sites (some people DO use recipes – just not me very often) and substitutions!! **


3 responses

  1. First I had to acknowledge the differences we have between our definitions of lazy when I read this: “I found that it was easiest to begin by cooking what you would normally cook”. So instead of nothing, I should prepare nothing sans animal products. 🙂

    In my region things like seitan are not at all easy to come by, in fact I haven’t found any stores in my country that sells it. Still, I think I’ll try some of your recommendations in the process of coming up with my vegan diet. Thanks for the article!

    • There are a lot in online grocers that sell foods that may not be readily available in your area. But black beans, potatoes and salsa are – and that’s definitely my favorite lazy meal 🙂

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